Audience of Tests & Tipps

To whom this Website is addressed

Friends, Acquaintances, Relatives

… are actually the target group with whom I would like to share my experiences. Because no secrets are described here, there is no password-protected access and everyone else is welcome to read along.

Content for young and old

I do not write specifically for children and many texts will not interest children, but basically this website is suitable for all.

In my articles, I take care to write as clearly as possible and to avoid or at least explain technical terms. I rarely explain technical terms directly in the article because this unnecessarily "bloats" the text and bores everyone who is familiar with these technical terms. Instead, I place a link to my own little but growing glossary.


I love the German language. And I love the English language as well. Therefore, I continuously maintain and expand my language skills.
Converting my website to bilingualism was a delightful way to gain new technical experience at the time.
Moreover, this technical platform constantly encourages me to publish new content in both languages as soon as possible.
It even happened that I wrote an article in English first and thereafter the German version.


Those whose mother tongue is not German can hopefully understand my texts in the English translation.
If your mother tongue is English, you may smile or laugh at some of my translations, but (hopefully…) understand what I mean. Wink
Or, for you English is also a foreign language, but easier to understand than German.

Correct me if I'm wrong

By the way, I would be very pleased if you report incorrect or awkwardly formulated translations to me!
It's rather a German peculiarity to report/complain about errors. wink
But since I really want to improve my English skills, I am grateful for error messages! Really!

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