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Some of the technical terms used here at Tests & Tips are already linked directly to this glossary. After reading the explanatory text, you can return to the article via browser navigation (in the toolbar at the top left, click on the arrow pointing to the left Browser button/icon: Arrow left).

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AAC   AAC+   AAC-LC   AC-3   Access Point   AP   ADSL   AES   Accumulator   AMR   AMR-NB   AMR-WB   Android   API   Apple iOS   Apps   Arpanet   ASCII   ASF   Antisocial Media   Antisocial Networks   Autonome System   Author   AVI   AWB


Backup   BBM   BBS   BlackBerry   BlackBerry 10   BlackBerry Limited   Blog   Bluetooth   Bluetooth LE   Bluetooth Smart   BMP   Boot   Browser


Cache   CalDAV   CardDAV   CCITT   Chat   Clean URL   Client   Client-Side Scanning   CMS   Compiler   Computer   Cookies   CPU   Crashmail   CSS   Caret Browsing   Caret Navigation   Cursor


DANE   Database   Database Language   DBS   DBMS   Datex-J   Datex-P   DoS   DDoS   DECT   DKIM   DMARC   DNS   DNSSEC   Domain Name   Dolby Digital   Download   DSL  DSS   DTS   Dual SIM   DVD   DVD Video


E2EE   eAAC   EAS   EDGE   EDV   Embedded System   E-Mail   Email Spam   EMS   eSIM   EULA   exFAT


F4V   FAT   FAQ   FCM   Feedback   FidoNet   Firmware   FLAC   Flat-File CMS   Flat rate   Fork   FOTA   Freeware   FTP   FTP Client   FTP Server


GCM   GIF   GSM   GPRS   GPS   GrapheneOS   GUI


H.263   H.264   Hamburger Menu   Hamburger Button   Hardware   HD Voice   HiFi   Homepage   Hostname   Hotspot   Hour   HSCSD   HSDPA   HSPA   HSPA+   HSUPA   HTML   HSTS   HTTP   HTTPS   Hygiene   Hyperlink   Hypertext


IANA   ICANN   ICQ   IETF   Imageboard   IMAP   Implementation   Instant Messaging (IM)   Internet   Internet service   Internet forum   IP   ISDN   ISM-Band   ISP   IT   ITU


Java   JavaScript   JPEG   JPG   Junk Mail


KISS principle


LAN   LCD   Laptop   Lithium-ion battery   LTE


M4A   M4V   Mailbox   Mouse   Megapixel   MEPs   MJPEG (mov)   Microkernel   MITM attack   MKA   MKV   MMS   MOV   Modem   MP2PS   MP2TS   MP3   MP4   MPEG-1   MPEG-2   MPEG-4   Multi-Device Support   Multi-factor authentication (MFA)   Multi-SIM card   MySQL


NAS   NetBIOS   Netbook   Netmail   NFC   Notebook


Offline   OGG   Onion Routing   Online   Open Source   OSI   OTA   OTP


PC   PCM   PDA   PDF   PFS   PGP   Phishing   PHP   PIM   Pixel   PNG   Podcast   POP 3   Portable App   POSIX   Postpaid   Prepaid   Prepaid SIM Card   Pretty URL   Privacy   Push-IMAP


QCELP   QNX   QR Code   Query String   Quick format


RAM   Repository   Reset   ROM   Root directory   RSA   RTOS


Server   SEO   SGI   Shareware   Shareware Concept   SIM   SIM Toolkit   SLR (camera)   Smartphone   Smartphone Zombie   S/MIME   SMS   SMTP   Software   Software Repository   Sourcecode   Spam   SPF   SPARK   SQL   SSD   SSL   SVG


Tablet Computer   TCP   Tethering   TFT Display   TGA   TIFF   TLD   TLS   Tor (network)   TOTP   Two-factor authentication (2FA)


UltraCard   UMS   UMTS   Unix   Unixoid System   Update   Upload   URI     URL   USB   USB OTG   USB Flash Drive   User   User ID   USSD


VC-1   vCard   Verified Boot   VoIP   Vorbis   VP6   VPN


W3C   WAV   WBMP   WAN   WAP   Web Browser   WebDAV   Web Server   Web Page   Website   Webspace   Widgets   WiFi   WLAN   WMA   WMV   WPA2   WWW


X.75   XHTML   XML   Xvid




Zip   Zuse, Konrad

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