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Long-term Field Test: 20.09.2010 to date

D-Link DUB-H7

USB 2.0 Hub

D-Link DUB-H7 (USB 2.0) Hub
7x USB-A/B, 1x USB-B/B, cable + power supply

Purchase date: 20.09.2010

Not suitable as a new purchase for modern computer equipment!

Recommendation for existing old computer equipment when an old USB hub breaks down.

Even if you still have a lot of good old USB stuff that needs to be connected occasionally or permanently, such a good old hub is still very useful: it only occupies one of the USB sockets on a new USB hub or new Thunderbolt/USB docking station and the other USB ports remain free for devices with higher data transfer rates.

This USB hub has served me very well for over ten years.

Photos coming soon.

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