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Long-term Field Test: 14.07.2021 to date

UGREEN 2,5 Zoll SATA External HD Enclosure with Aluminium Top

USB Enclosure makes internal SSD usable on MacBook

12.07.2021: I'm so pleased with the UGREEN USB enclosure and the Western Digital Blue SATA SSD I received ten days ago that I want to buy another dream pair right away …

Photo: UGREEN 2.5 inch USB enclosure for HDD/SSD made of ABS plastic and aluminium

When I went to Amazon again to look for external hard drive enclosures, I discovered the variant with aluminium. This model matches the Apple design even better and its electronics can even handle max. 10 Gbps instead of max. 6 Gbps like the pure ABS plastic variant. I like it even better!


12.07.2021: Order at Amazon: WD Blue SATA SSD 4 TB (386,85 EUR)
and in addition:
UGREEN 2.5 inch SATA enclosure made of ABS and aluminium (22,09 EUR).
13.07.2021: Amazon's shipping confirmation; delivery date Fri, 14.07.2021.
14.07.2021: DHL has put Amazon's announcement into action.


• UGREEN 2.5 inch SATA enclosure made of ABS plastic and aluminium
• USB cable USB-C to USB-C
• Operating instructions (leaflet, 7 languages, including English)

Tech Specs

Model PID: CM300
Model P/N: 70499
Enclosure material: ABS plastic
Input: USB-C F
Output: SATA 7+15 Pin F

• supports UASP transport protocol
• supports SATA III, backwards compatible mit SATA II/SATA I
• Standard mounting depth 2,5 Zoll SATA with less than 9,5 mm
• supports USB 3.1 Standard with data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps, downward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1

• supports Windows/Linux/macOS

Dimensions (L x B x H): 133 x 82 x 15 mm, cable length: 50 cm


Photo: UGREEN 2.5 inch USB hard drive enclosure opened with view of WD Blue SATA SSD

Initial operation:
Preparing for operation without tools is really easy: place the enclosure upside down on the packaging, for example, to avoid scratches, slide open the lid and lay it down.

Also unpack the intended hard disk or SSD in 2.5-inch format in SATA standard, peel off any protective sticker from the connector strip and then carefully push the hard disk or SSD into the enclosure with the connector strip first until the connector strip sits on the connector in the enclosure.

On the right and left, the drive or SSD is securely clamped in place with foam parts.
Then carefully place the plastic lid so that it can slide in its rails as far as it will go. Finally, plug in the USB-C cable.

This model comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, so the case can also be operated on a Thunderbolt 3 port (backwards compatible). Such a port is free on the Anker PowerExpands Elite. I use the Thunderbolt 3 cable from the defective LaCie d2 hard drive for this.

I use the USB-C to USB-C cable with the UGREEN ABS case; it only came with a USB-C to USB-A cable.

As soon as the USB enclosure including the storage (hard disk or SSD) is connected to the computer, it behaves just like any other external hard disk or SSD. If an already used hard disk/SSD is moved into this enclosure, its data is immediately available again. If, like me, it is a brand new SSD, it must now be set up.
I describe this in my test report about the WD Blue SATA SSD


Photo: original boxes: UGREEN 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure will be fitted with a WD Blue SATA SSD 4 TB

Photo: dream pair UGREEN 2.5 inch USB enclosure & WD Blue SATA SSD 4 TB

Photo: Finally united – the dream couple UGREEN 2.5 inch USB case & WD Blue SATA SSD 4 TB


  • makes internal SSD on MacBook usable (cheaper than external SSD models)
  • when exchanging for a larger hard disk/SSD, the old one can be used externally
  • Good processing quality, ABS plastic with aluminium top part
  • High data transfer rate (up to 10 Gbps) possible


  • Only upper part made of aluminium, rest of ABS plastic


I am very satisfied with this USB enclosure made of high-quality ABS plastic with a classy aluminium top and can only recommend it!


UGREEN 2.5 inch SATA External Enclosure made of ABS plastic
Predecessor model made entirely of ABS plastic, lower data transfer rate also meets high demands, sufficient when used with hard disk.
Given the small price difference of max. 15 EUR, I would always choose the aluminium version, also because of better heat dissipation.

There are also other good manufacturers of such external enclosures. Since you are virtually entrusting your data to this device and depend on it being stored and read correctly, it pays to choose carefully and read buyer reviews. Stay away from manufacturers who promise a voucher for good reviews! You really do get that, but their devices are not always as good as promised. But with such inexpensive appliances, hardly anyone complains and the voucher keeps the mood mild.And in general: no pity without a backup. Every hard disk/SSD can suddenly have a defect, regardless of whether it is installed directly or in an external enclosure.

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