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Tips for Battery Treatment: No more Half-Truths

For modern single-celled Lithium-Ion-Batteries attend this

  • a new battery can be used immediately without charging first
  • formatting by several charge cycles is not required
  • heat is the biggest enemy for every lithium-ion-battery
  • every full charge cycle shortens the life time
  • common recharge is better than complete discharge (the range between 30 and 70 percent is optimal)
  • deep discharge shortens the life time substantial, possibly prompter defect
  • full charging until 100% is not necessary
  • memory effekt does not exist really

If the Battery Charge Level display persists unprecise

  1. connect phone to charger, charge battery phone switched on until 100%
  2. disconnect the phone from charger and switch it off
  3. conntect phone with charger, charge the phone switched off until 100%
  4. disconnect the device from charger, make a reboot, switch it off
  5. connect the phone with the charger again until battery charge level display shows a full charged battery (maybe it shows a full charged battery instantly)
  6. reboot your phone

It harms your battery not if you make no recalibration.
But the battery charge level display persists unprecise.

Not the battery will be recalibrated, but the phone!

Theory and Practice

Long time using the mobile handset (e.g. editing phone book entries, edit and send text messages, use mobile web, navigation, games etc.) needs much energy, because the display and the backlight must be on for that.
Even using of bluetooth and WiFi needs much energy in some older mobile phone models.
And if you don´t switch off GPS, the battery of your phone will not bear up until evening.

The statements from manufacturers for standby times of mobile phones are never the same as in real life.

Reason for that: the maximum standby time what manufacturers specify is determined by academic laboratory conditions:

  • the mobile phone is located unused at a place with best radio reception
  • Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and the display are switched off
  • On smartphones only necessary Apps are running

In this manner they can reach dreamlike values about 300 hours standby!

The maximum airtime in practice is only reachable with a full charged battery.

More things to know about batteries: batteryuniversity.com

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