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Tips for Battery Treatment: No more Half-Truths

The following applies to current Devices with Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • new batteries may be used immediately without charging
    (usually delivered ex works with around 70% charge)
  • Heat is the biggest enemy of lithium-ion batteries
  • each complete charging cycle shortens the service life
  • recharging is better than discharging completely (if possible, charge at 30% at the latest)
  • deep discharge shortens the service life considerably, possible immediate defect
  • there is no memory effect
  • specially designed power adapters and devices switch to direct power supply at 100 % battery charge and bypass the battery = battery saving
  • for devices you do not use at home only, it is better not to charge them up to 100%, but only up to 70%, even with a suitable power adapter (mentioned above), in order to optimise battery life

Battery Performance – Theory and Practice

Prolonged use of the mobile phone (maintaining the address book, sending text messages, navigation, playing games, etc.) requires a lot of energy because the display and power-hungry backlight (LCD) are switched on for a long time.

If GPS is used frequently, the battery is drained very quickly.
Privacy protection: Only grant authorisation for localisation to apps that require it for (more secure) operation (maps/banking). Setting: “When using the app”. Default setting: “Use location: Off”.

WLAN no longer consumes as much energy in modern smartphones as it did in earlier models and whether Bluetooth is switched on no longer plays a role in today's devices.

For security reasons, you should still only leave Bluetooth and WLAN switched on when you really need them. In GrapheneOS, you can set Bluetooth/WLAN to be automatically deactivated after x minutes of non-use.

Manufacturer Information on Standby Times is pure Theory

The manufacturer's specification for the maximum standby time is determined under non-practical laboratory conditions:
The device is lying unused in a place with the best reception.
Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN and display are switched off!
Only system applications required for operation are running.
This means that fantastic values of over 300 h are possible!

In practice, the specified maximum talk time can only be achieved directly after a full battery charge, even with the best reception.


Battery Management – Power Management for Power Users

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