Instant Messaging

Privacy redefined: No user identifiers


First Messenger without User IDs

Other apps have user IDs, some do not even work without entering a phone number and sharing the address book.
SimpleX does not need any of this. This is good for privacy.


  • No registration with name, address or telephone number
  • No SIM card required (works without mobile phone module)
  • SimpleX fulfils the requirements of EU GDPR

With SimpleX you can make end-to-end encrypted chats and calls (optionally also with video, i.e. videophone).

Simple User Interface

Chatting works in the same way as with other providers.
The many useful functions can be operated via the clear user interface and are self-explanatory.

Privacy already taken into Account during Development

The developers' focus on the essentials ensures ease of use for the user thanks to a tidy design and keeps the programme code lean and clear. Motto: „Privacy by Design”.

It is true that you cannot show your friends a status (mood, greeting, statement) and the recipient group is not told what music you are listening to. But the sending status of the messages (delivered/read) is reliably displayed (can be switched off if desired). For most of us, this is much more important than knowing what music, audio books or videos are currently being played by a friend or what he/she is currently thinking.
If you want to know the latter, that's a good reason to start a conversation (chat or phone call, all tap-proof). Wink
It is also possible to send images and other files using the share function or in the chat window after file selection.

Messengers are criticised when it is not possible to send video.
Videos can be wonderful Trojan slingers!
This reduces the use of a secure messenger to absurdity!

SimpleX is Open Source

This enables interested specialists to carry out independent safety checks at any time.

Trail of Bits examined the cryptographic and network components of the SimpleX platform in November 2022.

A comprehensive review is planned for 2024; donations are already being collected for this (an audit is not cheap!).


SimpleX can be used on any platform.
There are desktop versions for Linux, macOS and Windows
as well as mobile apps for Android OS and Apple iOS.
If you are interested, read my test report.




SimpleX Blog: 20220811

SimpleX: Homepage

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