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Needed Database increases System Requirements

If you are a database specialist, you can skip this first paragraph and should definitely use WBCE CMS. If you think WordPress is easy to use, check out the WBCE CMS. It is much easier to use than WordPress!
If you are well acquainted with MySQL databases or have already made frequent backups and also restored them successfully, you should try this CMS.
Moving a MySQL database (or MariaDB) from one server to another is also something you might want to consider.
The decision for a CMS with database also depends on the internet service provider and the booked service package.
Background: since you share the web space with other customers, the computing time is also divided into small time segments and a backup programme can only run during this short time. If it is not finished, the backup is gone. Usually it takes 30 seconds, then the web server serves the next customer and after x customers it's your website's turn again. There was a great backup tool, but at some point it no longer met the increased security requirements and the (hobby) developer gave up his hobby project. Now, as far as I know, there is only one other newer tool that you can use for backups at the push of a button, but it has to be installed on the server by the Internet service provider if possible, in order to be safe from outside attacks. Otherwise, you would always have to install it yourself just before the backup, quickly make the backup and then quickly delete the tool again. I don't imagine that to be easy to use. Mistakes can happen. And it becomes annoying. People like to postpone annoying things. Dangerous ...
So the administrative effort is high if one attaches importance to backups. Most website operators ignore the danger of a database crash or are not even aware of the constant danger that their database can be “corrupted” by a short power failure or software error while writing or by a hardware defect.
If one simply does not make backups or only uses the backup function of WBCE, which does not allow restoring at the push of a button, the system requirements are low. If it comes to a data-GAU, however, you need an expensive specialist to make usable data out of the WBCE backup and restore it as a backup.

Expandability due to Software Modules

Missing functions can easily be retrofitted with software modules (“plug-ins”). There is already a wide range of plug-ins, droplets etc. available.

Customisable Design Templates

If you are not satisfied with the design of the technically flawless responsive design templates provided, you can either adapt them yourself or find a free sample design template that suits your taste from one of the developers. There are also templates available for a fee, or you can have a web designer create a customised template or even the entire website for a fee. See also next paragraph …

Friendly User Community (Forum)

Anyone who needs help or has good ideas themselves is welcome to join the community of WBCE users and participate in the forum. Patient forum members can quickly be found to offer friendly advice and code. Optimisations for WBCE CMS are also discussed together in the forum. It is a very helpful, friendly community and those who like can actively help. Those who can't program, test new plug-ins and templates or write a manual or update a chapter of the wiki or proofread? Translation into other languages is also very welcome. And everything is voluntary, because that's the only way to enjoy doing it.

System Requirements

  • LAMP Web Server (the usual – the main thing is no IIS or similar)
  • PHP 8.0.x (PHP 7.4 compatibility with WBCE 1.4.1 and higher)
  • MySQL 5.x or MariaDB 8.x
  • approx. 25 MB webspace
  • for modules with image functions (News with Images, Galleries): GD Library, Imagemagick, Exif (normally available)
  • for use of ShortURL: mod_rewrite
  • for Update Check in the Dashboard: cURL
  • for further information see Readme or User manual

Inform and download:

Extensions for WBCE CMS

Modules, Templates and Add-Ons

WBCE CMS Add-On Repository (AOR)

Everything nicely sorted.


  • very short training period
  • Installation and administration much easier than with WordPress
  • suitable for large websites with hundreds of web pages


  • Database backup is much more complicated than flat-file CMS backup
  • Database can be damaged at any time
    (due to faulty updates, plug-ins, hardware faults, power failure)
  • Website relocation can become a challenge depending on expertise
  • Provider change means website move – challenge
  • much more vulnerable than flat-file CMS or static website
  • no support for multi-domain (e.g., domain names matching to the language)


For IT specialists, professional web designers and nerds, this is a great tool for creating a sophisticated web presence and is especially recommended for them! One should already know how to repair a corrupt database or calculate monthly costs for an automated daily backup (licence fees from approx. 30 EUR per domain).


Those who are not so familiar with computers/who prefer simplicity should definitely take a look at CMSimple_XH.
This is just as powerful, but much easier to maintain.
Automatic data backup and server relocation are quite simple.

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