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Intrusive adverts, sneaky trackers and annoying elements on websites are history with this software.


Salavat Khanov

Purchase Date

27.04.2018 for 5,49 EUR once
Trial subscription:      30.10.2019 Premium 1 year free of charge
Annual subscription: 30.10.2020 Premium 5,49 EUR

Purchase Price

To ensure that software development remains profitable, the developers have now switched to a subscription model (the “get all for free” mentality of many customers is difficult for full-time programmers).

However, no existing customers will be forced into the new subscription model!
If you don't like the subscription or one-off payment despite the very fair prices, you will still receive updates for the old licence.

30.10.2019: The changeover for existing customers was absolutely fair:
1 year free trial subscription and then only 5.49 EUR per year!
I was happy to switch to the premium version as an annual subscription!

27.04.2021: Version 4.0 introduces a firewall that also blocks trackers within apps. Spying on visitors has not only been common practice on ordinary websites for years; many companies also use apps (whether free or paid) to spy on us and sell customer profiles obtained in this way to the highest bidder. The premium version of 1Blocker protects us from all of this!

In-app purchases:
1Blocker yearly:       16,49 EUR (former users:  5,49 EUR)
1Blocker monthly:     3,49 EUR (former users:   1,99 EUR)
1Blocker unlimited: 39,99 EUR (former users: 14,99 EUR)


***** (5 stars)

System Requirements

iOS/iPadOS 14.2 or higher. macOS 10.15 or higher.
For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.


German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Tradit. Chinese, Simplified Chinese


in English, via e-mail or Twitter/X
The support website offers information for newcomers, basic tips, advanced functions, troubleshooting and an FAQ.
There is also a blog.


Block Ads
Remove annoying banners and other types of intrusive adverts on websites.

Block Annoyances
Block cookie notices, cryptocurrency mining, mobile app banners and more.

Block Comments
Block unwanted comments.

Block Trackers
Protect yourself from online tracking and data collectors.

Block Widgets
Block social media widgets, share buttons and other social icons.

Block Adult Sites
Protect your children by blocking adult websites.


Since I've been using 1Blocker, I don't see any adverts on the Internet.
I have nothing against serious, well-made adverts. But it has nothing to do with what we are exposed to every day on the Internet without software like 1Blocker! It's no longer about honest advertising, but purely about maximising profit at the expense of others.

If you click on an advertising banner and buy the product, you are not left in peace afterwards, but continue to receive adverts for the same or very similar products, even though it should be clear that you are not going to buy another dozen of this product!

In addition, available data is spied on and often passed on unencrypted to the highest bidder. Criminals also like to use the interfaces of the online advertising industry.
It is therefore better to block adverts.

YouTube has become almost unusable for some time now because you have to watch an advert every few minutes and are forced to switch off ad blockers. Their technology is now so aggressive that films can no longer be played even if the ad blocker is deactivated.
YouTube Premium is a cheek because it costs 12 EUR/month.
I'm happy to pay for good service. But never such exorbitant prices.
After some development time, the developers of 1Blocker have always managed to block YouTube's adverts.
That's another reason why I remain a loyal 1Blocker subscriber!


  • reliably blocks annoying adverts, trackers, pop-ups, cookie notifications and comments
  • saves battery capacity, data volume and time
  • protects you online
  • improves your productivity


  • no


Highly recommended!


1Blocker is also available for the Mac!

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