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Apple Books is an integral part of the system since iOS 8


***** 5 Stars

System Requirements

iOS 10.0 and watchOS 5.0 (or higher)
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


English and 32 others


With Apple Books, you can use books and audiobooks directly on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch.
Find bestsellers, classics and new authors.

Just give the App a Try

  • Choice: discover millions of new books and audiobooks in every category, including fiction, non-fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, romance, children's books, comics and more
  • Book Store: look at the top charts and find weekly updated new releases, limited time offers and personal recommendations
  • Audio books: discover great audio books read by actors, authors and other unforgettable voices
  • free excerpts: preview and listen to books and audiobooks while browsing and download free excerpts – sometimes even before they are available elsewhere
  • Reading List: keep track of books and audiobooks you want to read/listen to next by adding them to your "Reading List" collection
  • Audio book app for Apple Watch: listen to your favourite audio books on your next hike, run or training session directly from your wrist
  • customize your reading experience: choose from multiple fonts and legible page colors Use the automatic night mode and adjust the screen brightness to make reading comfortable for your eyes in the evening. Turn on scrolling view to move continuously through books instead of turning pages

Requirements and Availability of the Store

  • the Book Store is available in many countries and regions The selection of available books may vary depending on the country or region
  • loading content from the books app or iCloud requires an Apple ID and Internet access
  • in order for books and PDF documents to be added to the books app from outside the Book Store, they must be DRM-free content
  • some PDF documents may not be compatible with the books app


Works the way you expect it to. Very clear menu navigation. Neither overloaded nor intrusive.


None that stand out yet.


Highly recommended!


Amazon customers could use the Kindle-App as an alternative.

Originally, this app was developed using Facebook SDK, which I found out using DigiDNA's excellent iMazing software (backup, management and forensics tool). It had snooping interfaces to market reading behaviour along with interests to the highest bidder. This is different from an app evaluating the customer's reading behaviour in order to make book suggestions only to him personally. With Apple, you are the customer, not the product.

30.07.2021: I want to read the beginning of the story of the private investigator John Mayer by Arno Endler again, so I'm installing the Kindle app again after a long time – on my old iPhone Xs.
On this occasion, I use iMazing to check whether a Facebook SDK is still being used. This is no longer the case. So I give the Kindle app five stars and can recommend it again as an alternative. Smiley

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