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Cs: Music Player

Your Media Library. Nothing else.

Apple's Music App motivated a Music Lover to start Coding

Apple desperately wanted to improve their initially very practical music app and only achieved the opposite. But they won't let you install a good alternative and simply delete Apple's inadequate product like other disappointing apps.
That's why music lover Mike Clay had developed his user interface (skin) for Apple's tinkered music app back then.
That was his first app - and I was one of his first customers!

Cesium (Cs) is an anagramm for (e‑)m‑u‑s‑i‑c


Mike Clay

Purchase/Installation Date


Purchase Price

28.12.2016 for 1,99 EUR (and occasionally “Tip 3” as In-app purchase, last on 02.02.2021)
Current purchase price: 2.99 EUR (definitely worth the app!

In-app purchases only as a voluntary tip to support future developments!

Tip 1: 2,99 EUR (symbolic for a coffee)
Tip 2: 3,99 EUR (symbolic for a piece of pizza)
Tip 3: 5,99 EUR (symbolic for a hot dog)


***** 5 Stars

System Requirements

iOS 14.1 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac with Apple Silicon (M1 or better, macOS 11.0 or higher).
To use Cs Music, Apple's Music App must be installed.


German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese


in English, unfortunately only by Twitter Sad smiley
I should actually deduct one star for that.
But as long as the app works perfectly, we don't need to contact him.


  • works automatically with your iTunes music collection
  • classic design with tabs that can be rearranged
  • full-width album art and landscape mode
  • effective sorting and display options
  • Info about the title, metadata & lyrics
  • Display can be personalized with individual designs


  • only with Cs: Music does Apple's music app become pleasant to use!

Some Quotes from App Store Reviews

  • Just like in the old days! Great!
  • Listening to music like in the past
    The reduced design is also a big plus compared to Apple's now completely overloaded app.
  • Best iPhone Music Player
  • With Cesium, I can finally access my music easily again
  • Cesium brings back what Apple threw overboard


  • Unfortunately, the developer can no longer be reached via e-mail


Excellent Patch for Apple's tinkered Music App!

Music lovers who also use their smartphone as a jukebox for extensive music collections would therefore actually have to give up iPhones if Apple did not tolerate alternative user interfaces for their apps …

Music lover and software developer Mike Clay has put an ingenious user interface on top of Apple's inadequate music app so that an iPhone can also be used as a high-end music system.

If you want to enjoy and manage your music collection without superfluous bells and whistles like in the past, you definitely need this “patch” for Apple's music app!


Marvis Pro (7,99 EUR) – not tested (but it's also a skin only!) …

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