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OTP Auth

2FA for Pros

Two-Factor Authentication for your iPhone and iPad

OTP Auth adds support for two-factor authentication to your iPhone and iPad. It can be used with Dropbox, GitHub, Tutanota and many more.
Make your accounts safe again!


Roland Moers

Purchase Date

22.09.2018 for my Apple iPhone Xs

Purchase Price

App for free at Apple's App Store
In-App purchase: for 4.49 EUR to support the developer

Rating (1–5 Stars)

***** 5 stars

System Requirements

iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


German and English


in German and English, via E-Mail or Twitter.
Website describes all features. FAQ.


  • encrypted iCloud synchronisation
  • Siri support
  • Apple-Watch support
  • Widget for message center
  • Safari extension for direct password entry in current website
  • App with Face ID/Touch ID or password
  • encrypted backups of all accounts
  • import/export encrypted accounts via AirDrop, iCloud, Dropbox, Mail (and many more)


At the time of purchase and for a long time afterwards, there was no way to store the data for one-time passwords in a password safe. I really enjoyed using this app and can continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to keep one-time passwords separate from other credentials. Meanwhile, I use a Google Pixel 7 Pro with GrapheneOS as my main phone and therefore the app Aegis Authenticator. And for easier synchronisation of all passwords, I use Bitwarden.


  • no advertising
  • Passwords are only stored locally!
  • works completely offline!


  • nothing


Very recommendable!

OTP Auth does not collect any information about the user and no information is sent. OTP Auth will also not ask for permission to access your contacts or location. And most importantly, the accounts are not uploaded anywhere!

The exception is iCloud Sync: an encrypted copy of the accounts will be stored in iCloud Drive only if you want. However, the password never leaves your device.

Important Tips

  • Remember the password for OTP Auth well!
    (I recommend a password safe like Strongbox)
  • The password is used to encrypt your accounts.
  • Thus, they cannot be restored without the password.
  • The security of your accounts stands and falls with the quality of the password!


Modern password managers now also support OTP.
If you install as few apps as possible, you can use Strongbox.
If passwords are to be securely synchronised online, Bitwarden is the first choice, because this password safe encrypts all data fields and offers 2FA to secure the master password. This does not make OTP Auth superfluous, but indispensable (as long as an iPhone is your main device).

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