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Usage Pro

Activity & Data Monitor

A powerful Pro Tool

Usage is a tool to monitor your device's activity, data usage, connection speed and more.
It also allows you to see technical data that Apple likes to hide (including battery capacity & RAM size).


Oleh Stasula

Purchase Date

28.08.2020: Usage (for free)
28.08.2020: Usage Pro for 2.29 EUR
22.12.2020: Massive Support: 4.49 EUR smiley

Purchase Price

Usage Pro: 2.29 EUR + 4.49 EUR Massive Support smiley

In-App-Purchase (current Prices)

Usage Pro             6.99 EUR incl. unlock device comparison “Compare”
Usage Pro             4.99 EUR incl. unlock device comparison “Compare”
Compare Unlock  0.00 EUR unlock device comparison “Compare”
Nice Surprise        2.49 EUR nice surprise for the developer
Kind Tip                  1.19 EUR nice tip for the hardworking developer
Massive Support  4.99 EUR best support for super developer smiley


***** 5 Stars

System Requirements

iOS 14.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


German, Arabic, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Tradit. Chinese, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese


in English or Ukrainian, via E-Mail


Description of the developer in the App Store (quote):

Usage is a tool to monitor your device's activity, data usage, connection speed, and more.

√ Main features:

- Data usage tracking
- Memory allocation
- Storage usage
- Real-time network connection monitoring
- Download and upload speed
- Battery status
- Detailed specification about the device's hardware
- The widget!

√ Extra features:

- List of current network interfaces with details and IP addresses
- Different appearance colors and app icons
- Custom ordering
- Compare your device's specification with any other iPhone or iPad model ever made
- Configure the widget from the app.

√ No ads!

√ Simple, intuitive, and modern design.

√ Built with SwiftUI!

√ Thousands of users just love the app. I hope you will love it, too!

(End of quote).

By activating the device comparison (now free of charge), you get access to the technical data of all iOS devices ever sold by Apple without the help of the Internet or other reading, and this in the form of a practical comparison of two devices that you select yourself. This also has a practical use for all users (not only geeks and nerds), for example if you need the dimensions in advance to order a custom-made case or want to know how big the performance differences are between a new model and the one you have already bought. Also very useful for collectors and second-hand buyers, because Apple no longer lists slightly older devices on its website. With this app, you have all the technical data quickly available at any time.


  • clearly arranged
  • easy to use
  • no ads
  • fair price
  • Tip as in-app purchases possible
  • nice widgets


  • no temperature values for CPU/battery (Apple's fault!)


Even without a temperature display, this hardware monitor offers enough measurement data for nerds, geeks and other technically interested people.

Important Tips

Light bulbIf you have an Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac, you can access the iPhone/iPad via cable or WLAN with suitable monitor software for macOS.

iMazing, forensic/management software for iOS devices can also display battery data including temperature (available for macOS & Windows).

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