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WarnWetter Full Version

Reliable Warning Weather App

Developer: Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)

Date of purchase: 21.12.2017
with In-App purchase: 1.99 EUR for full version

Rating: ***** 5 stars

System requirements: iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Language: German

Functionality: Provides reliable weather forecasts and warns of natural hazards such as thunderstorms, black ice, floods, snow, storm surges and avalanches.

If there is a corresponding danger, a warning video is also provided, similar to the weather forecast on television.

User interface: The main page of the app shows two maps at the top side next to each other, on the left side a map of Germany corresponding to the danger situation (green = no warnings, different colours for various warnings like thunderstorm, heat or UV exposure).

Below that you see your location with status, e.g. “No warnings”.

Below that you see the next four days with abbreviated weekdays and the weather status, e.g. a symbol for “cloudy” and below that the maximum and minimum temperature.

Weather Warnings

After touching the left map (“Weather warnings”) you can zoom into the map and get information about the desired region/city, if warnings are available.

Weather Map with Satellite Film

After touching the right map (“Maps”) you get a up-to-date weather map for Germany or all of Europe, where you can display precipitation, clouds, lightning and weather stations (local temperatures) individually or combined:  Germany with a time window of four hours, Europe over a whole week.

Above the two maps mentioned at the beginning, a small window with the first two lines of text of the detailed weather forecast is displayed. If you are interested, just tap on this text and you will get the complete message of the editorial office "Deutscher Wetterdienst, RWB Essen, vh".

Not for free because of Competitor

This app used to be free even as a full version because it was financed by our tax money.

While MeteoGroup's weather apps were able to show advertising banners of an advertising network, some of them covering the entire screen, even after purchase (!) and could also find malware via this route into the smartphone, the warning weather app simply offered reliable information without advertising.

Unfortunately, competitor MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH preferred to use lawyers rather than software developers to stand up to weather data provider and competitor DWD.  The DWD lost the case in court and is no longer allowed to offer its app as a full version for free (except for official employees* of disaster, population and environmental protection, see FAQ).

Conclusion: highly recommended

Very reliable and very easy to use.

By the way, many people are horrified by the business behaviour of MeteoGroup Deutschland GmbH, cancel their subscription and buy its much better warning weather app out of solidarity with the DWD (!).

That was already the case when the DWD had just lost the court case and is already repeating itself with customers who didn't notice the court case back then and are now hearing about it.

Everyone is annoyed by the massive aggressive advertising of the MeteoGroup apps, which doesn't stop even after payment, and then looks for alternatives. But even satisfied users, because they are not well informed, cancel their subscription in horror as soon as they learn about MeteoGroup's business practices …


Just read the ratings & reviews in the Apple Store …

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