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Long-term Field Test: 27.11.2010–27.01.2012 + 06.06.2013–31.10.2015

just mobile Gum Pro PP-08

Battery Charging away from Sockets

Portable USB Power Pack

  • Exemplar #1: 27.11.2010–27.01.2012
  • Exemplar #2: 06.06.2013–31.10.2015

Photo: just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 Portable USB Power Pack Original Carton

Photo: just mobile PP-08 Portable USB Power Pack Original Carton

The just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 contents an accumulator with 4400 mAh capacity and charges due to high amperage (1000 mA) devices with USB charging socket much faster as on the USB jack of a personal computer, where you get max. 550–850 mA.


Purchase 2010

26.11.: Ordered online at amazon.de. The price: 36.24 EUR.
27.11.: DHL delivers the shipment at my favourite DHL Packstation.

Purchase 2013

06.06.: Ordered online at amazon.de. This time the just mobile Gum Pro costs 32.40 EUR.
07.06.: DHL delivers the shipment at my favourite DHL Packstation.


Photo: Portable USB Power-Pack just|mobile Gum Pro PP-08 carton contents

Photo: Portable USB Power-Pack just|mobile Gum Pro PP-08 Product Contents

  • 1 just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 (charging sockets: Input mini-USB, output USB)
  • 1 USB cable (mini-USB plug to charge the PP-08, other end USB plug)
  • quick guide (see photo, in front left side)
  • brochure with all the products of this firm (see photo: background, black)

Buy separately if required

  • adapter cable (one end mini-USB jack socket, other end micro-USB plug) – together with the supplied cable it becomes a charging cable for smartphones
  • USB charger (if you don´t have one)

Tech Specs

just mobile Gum Pro PP-08

Batterie Capacity

4400 mAh

Input Current

5 Volt, min.500 mA, mini-USB socket

Output Curent

5 Volt, max. 1000 mA, USB socket type A


Experience with two Specimens

I had used the first one very often and therefore its battery did not last as long as the second one, which was used less often.

BTW: Every device pulls only the energy it needs for charging and regular operating.

With this portable power pack you can charge your smartphone completely mostly two times independent from power grid connections – of course depending from the battery size of your smartphone. Most of the time the energy will rest for some charge procedures of a bluetooth headset.

That was my personal experience at winter 2011 (Gum Pro in a vest pocket, and a coat over it).

More Charging Procedures possible at warm Weather

Lithium-Ion accumulators are sensitive to cold. Since end of March 2011 the just mobile Gum Pro PP-08 could charge two smartphone accumulators before it needs charging itself.

Battery Performance

Battery Capacity

4400 mAh

Output current

max. 1000 mA

The high current enables the charging of devices with higher needs e.g. the phones with the logo of an apple bitten into.
Modern smartphones with a big display like Samsung Galaxy Note and its successors can be charged one time completely.

Every device pulls only the energy what it needs. It charges so fast as at home on the power supply.

The capacity suffices for two time charging a smartphone and in the meantime you can charge your bluetooth headset several times. Only then the Gum Pro PP-08 needs to charge itself four to five hours.


  • small and handy
  • fast charging
  • never ever unreachable on the go because of empty phone battery


  • charger is no standard accessory (no real disadvantage because you have chargers from other devices?)
  • only three LEDs to display the battery status


highly recommended!

Very useful, therefore I have purchased a second Portable USB Power Pack after the first battery was died.
The first one lasts circa two years, but I have used it very often.
And the second exemplar lasts much longer because I use it not so often as the first one.

Really no reason to claim – batteries are wearing parts.


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