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Official GSM Network Start difficult

The two network operators T-D1 and Mannesmann-D2 had actually been ready for take-off since 1991, but the devices were missing. The press wrote: “GSM” also stands for “God! Send Mobiles!”. It was not until the beginning of 1992 that Ericsson and Motorola received Europe-wide approval for their prototypes. Only at the end of June were both manufacturers able to deliver devices.
So the politicians had agreed with the two network operators on 01.07.1992 as the official start of the networks.

I am fascinated by the announced new mobile technology and plan my entry for November.

Official Network Start of Mannesmann-D2

30.06.1992: In order to go down in history as the first GSM network operator, the Düsseldorf-based Mannesmanns trick Bonn-based Telekom into launching their network one day earlier. Allegedly, the Bonn company had symbolically let the private company go ahead, but that is probably a rumour …

Official Network Start of De.Te.Mobil T-D1

01.07.1992: The Telekom subsidiary Deutsche Telekom Mobilfunk GmbH (short: De.Te.Mobil, abbreviation: T-D1) starts as planned.

End-user Devices still in short Supply at exorbitant Prices

01.11.1992: Unfortunately, devices are still in short supply and excessively expensive.
I am therefore postponing my entry into the mobile world until December.

My first Mobile Phone Contract – with Service Provider unicom

05.12.1992–19.11.1994: My first mobile phone contract – with provider unicom in the D2-Mannesmann mobile phone network. The portable (battery standby time 8 h, 2 kg weight, 8 watts transmission power) becomes my first mobile phone. I would much rather have bought the Portable from Panasonic, but at DM 3,000 it's far too expensive.


Dekratel takes over unicom

20.11.1994–30.04.1995: unicom is taken over by Dekratel and is now called Dekraphone. I don't like that at all. I had not read anything good about this provider in internet forums.

Official Network Start of E-Plus

As early as 1992, the company was founded as E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH and received a mobile radio licence for DCS 1800 (E1 network) in 1993. But it was not until May 1994 that E-Plus officially launched its network.

E-Plus Partner Tariff Partner-Plus

22.11.1994: While the old tariff with Dekraphone is still running, I take out a new one with E-Plus in the partner tariff Partner-Plus.


Let's get away from Dekraphone!

30.04.1995: Since the tariffs of the Dekraphone contract are to change to my disadvantage, I get out of the contract early thanks to the special right of termination. Tongue smile

The E-Plus tariff Partner-Plus continues to serve as my main contract.

Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat

11.09.1995–11.09.1996: Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat with tariff “Fun”.


Service Provider DPlus with D2 Tariff

07.08.1996–06.11.1999: Service Provider DPlus with D2 tariff Normal “AN1”.
In August 1996, Ericsson launches the GH388 model. Its design and technical specifications fascinate me and I want to have it immediately. Unfortunately, not all devices are available everywhere. Exclusive contracts with providers and tying contracts (mobile phone+contract) are common. The small provider DPlus offers the Ericsson GH388 with a contract, so I sign a mobile phone contract with them, although I already have one with E-Plus and one with Mannesmann-D2 (see above, 1995).


T-Mobil Prepaid Tariff Telly D1 Xtra

26.03.1997–25.09.1997: T-Mobil with Prepaid tariff “Telly D1 Xtra”.

Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat

09.05.1997–15.09.1997: Mannesmann Mobilfunk D2 Privat with tariff “Fun24” (Timing in seconds 10/10).


E-Plus Business Tariffs also for Private Customers

27.01.1998–31.03.1998: E-Plus with tariff Profi-Day (Timing in seconds 6/6).
01.04.1998–28.07.1998: Automatic change to Business tariff (Timing in seconds 6/6).
29.07.1998–31.01.1999: Have changed timing of my Business tariff (Timing in seconds 1/1).

Official Network Start of VIAG Interkom

01.10.1998: VIAG Interkom starts network operations initially in eight metropolitan areas in Germany.
Due to insufficient network coverage – only 45 per cent of the population in Germany could be reached in the conurbations – VIAG Interkom had already concluded a roaming contract with Swisscom in July 1998 in order to let its customers make calls outside the already developed areas via Swisscom by means of roaming. This roaming was cumbersome and required a dual-band mobile phone because calls were made via the D-network. VIAG Interkom therefore used the D-networks of its German competitors via SwissCom without direct contractual relations with them.


E-Plus offers new tariff model Time & More

01.02.1999–04.05.1999: E-Plus with tariff Time & More 500 (Timing in seconds 10/10).
05.05.1999–18.07.1999: E-Plus with Privat-Tariff (Timing in seconds 10/10).
Exclusive service since May 1999.
19.07.1999–29.08.1999: E-Plus with tariff Time & More 1000 (Timing in seconds 10/10).
30.08.1999–27.01.2000: E-Plus with Privat-Tariff 29 (Timing in seconds 10/10).

VIAG Interkom with huge Genion Homezone

07.07.1999-19.02.2002: Make cheap calls via VIAG Interkom thanks to “Genion homezone” from Frankfurt-Fechenheim to Offenbach!
The Genion homezone only does not extend into Offenbach's east.
I never stay there anyway. Smiley

Service Provider DPlus

07.11.1999–30.11.1999: Provider DPlus with D2 tariff Fun 24 “AE3”.


T-Mobil Tariff Telly 10/10

28.01.2000–04.01.2001: T-Mobil with tariff Telly 10/10 (Timing in seconds 10/10).

T-Mobil launches new Prepaid Tariff Xtra

Sometime shortly after the beginning of the year until 01.08.2001: Testing tariff Xtra.


For Business Mobile Phone: Private tariff T-Mobil Telly switched to Framework Agreement

05.01.2001–31.10.2001: My employer authorises me to use a company mobile phone.
I'm having my private Telly tariff changed to a much cheaper framework contract. For my own account, as I do not have to make outgoing calls for business purposes: T-Mobile tariff CompanyProfi/56 (Timing in seconds 1/1) w/o TwinBill.
01.11.2001–21.12.2003: Occasional need for outgoing business calls, therefore tariff change with separate billing of business calls: T-Mobile tariff CompanyProfi/66 (Timing in seconds 1/1) with TwinBill.

Prepaid Tariff T-Mobile XtraOne

12.11.2002 bis …: Testing T-Mobile Prepaid tariff XtraOne (End no longer known).

T-Mobile TellySmile

29.12.2002 to …: T-Mobile with tariff TellySmile (Timing in seconds 60/1). An offer from 1&1.
End unknown; have used special termination right after a few months.


Anniversary Tariff E-Plus Professional XL (1/1)

27.05.2003–31.10.2006: E-Plus Professional XL (Timing in seconds 1/1) with mobile phone Nokia 6310i. E-Plus is celebrating its 10th anniversary! The Professional XL anniversary tariff with free tariff automatic is available for a limited period of time. Make calls for 3 cents/minute to the German fixed network at real second time intervals!
For private customers, this is the last chance to get a tariff with a fair timing in seconds (1/1), because E-Plus also offers this business tariff to interested private customers.


E-Plus Online-Card UMTS

This is how E-Plus names its UMTS modems from the manufacturer Novatel Wireless in the form of a PC card for notebooks. This can be used in devices with a suitable slot. These are mainly laptops, notebooks and a few PDA top models.

Use with Data Tariff Online Time 100

02.07.2004: Buy an E-Plus Online-Card UMTS (model: Novatel Wireless Merlin U530) at the E-Plus shop in Frankfurt-Bornheim.
02.07.2004-30.11.2004: Use with tariff Online Time 100.

Tariff Change from E-Plus Online Time 100 to Online Time 150

01.12.2004–27.04.2005: Use with tariff Online Time 150.


E-Plus Exclusive Service

25.04.2005–24.04.2007: E-Plus offers me exclusive service again.

Tariff Change from E-Plus Online Time 150 to Online Time 500

28.04.2005-28.02.2006: Now using Online Card UMTS with tariff Online Time 500.


Vodafone Mobile Connect Card UMTS

This is how Vodafone names its UMTS modems from the manufacturer Novatel Wireless in the form of a PC card for notebooks. This can be used in devices with a suitable slot. These are mainly laptops, notebooks and a few of the PDA top models.

Data Tariff Vodafone BusinessDataPro 6 Volume XXL (500 MB)

16.02.2006: Buy a Vodafone Mobile Connect Card at the Vodafone Shop in Offenbach (Frankfurter Str.). UMTS (Novatel Wireless Merlin U630).

16.02.2006–15.02.2008: Data tariff Vodafone BusinessDataPro 6, Volume XXL (500 MB).

Tariff Change from E-Plus Online Time 500 to Online Volume 50

01.03.2006–28.02.2006: E-Plus Data tariff Online Volume 50.
Downgrade of this tariff because I have now booked the cheaper Vodafone data tariff for data transfer (siehe oben).

Tariff Change from E-Plus Professional XL to CleverOne L

31.10.2006: Order tariff change to “CleverOne L”.
01.11.2006–31.10.2007: E-Plus CleverOne L (Timing in seconds 1/1).


Finally, the BASE Internet Flat Rate is available without Telephony Tariff!

07.05.2007–06.05.2009: BASE Internet flat rate. Could previously only be booked together with an expensive telephony tariff. Now I can enjoy the cheap data tariff.


1&1 Mobile Internet Notebook-Flat HSDPA

09.09.2008–11.09.2010: 1&1 Mobile Internet Notebook Flat HSDPA for 29.99 EUR per Month only!


Telefónica o2 o with Cost Cap 60 EUR

05.05.2009: Telefónica o2 Germany offers a tariff innovation named o2 o:
Phone calls and text messages from zero to flat rate, cost cap at EUR 60.


Promotional Tariff: Telefónica o2 o with Cost Cap 40 EUR

15.02.2010: Tariff action limited in time and place: only from 15 to 27 February 2010 only for Frankfurt am Main o2 o with cost cap at 40 EUR!

16.02.2010–02.01.2019: Order the promotional tariff o2 o40 at the Telefónica o2 Shop in the mall MyZeil Frankfurt. This contract, which is free of basic charges, serves as a backup for me during the term of other contracts; SIM card in the second mobile phone also for testing (network quality, accessibility, etc.).

Anniversary: Telefónica o2 o with Cost Cap 50 EUR

05.05.2010: Telefónica celebrates its first anniversary with its tariff o2 o: Telefónica o2 permanently lowers the cost airbag for all customers to 50 EUR!

o2 Multicard: unknown Technology to Mobile Phone Retailers at Zeil Frankfurt

17.06.2010: For a week now, I've been looking for an o2 shop on the Zeil (Frankfurt shopping mile) that can give me two Multicards. I had gone from one o2 shop to the next and asked for multicards. Unfortunately, not a single shop employee was able to help me. They acted as if they didn't know what a multicard was. Today, at the end of my shift, I have an idea: I could still ask at the o2 partner shop in Bornheim (Berger Str. 144). Too late to go there now, but not too late to call. Shop owner Sven Drabe confirms that I can of course get multicards from him and I tell him that I will come to his shop next evening.
18.06.2010: Sven Drabe hands me three envelopes with new SIM cards free of charge. I activate them at home in the evening and use them to swap SIM cards. One of the three new SIM cards replaces the old SIM card as the main SIM, the other two serve as multicards. It is technically intended that you get a complete set of new SIM cards.
I am so grateful to Mr Drabe for his customer-oriented friendly service that I have recommended his shop to everyone ever since.
Attention: Sven Drabe no longer runs this Frankfurt o2 shop!
No guarantee for same great service of successors!


Lidl mobile – realised in the Telefónica Network o2 Germany

21.07.2011–02.04.2012: Lidl mobile prepayment tariff is cheaper than o2 o40 (Mobile phone internet flat rate 8.99 EUR/month).
That's why I now use Lidl mobile as my main connection and the SIM card of the free-of-charge Telefónica o2 o40 goes into the second mobile phone.
27.07.2011–02.04.2012: Second prepaid tariff Lidl mobile – with “Notebook-Flatrate” 14.99 EUR/month.
I have not renewed flat rates and have had the remaining credit on the cards refunded.
The SIM card with a memorable phone number remains in the reserve mobile phone.
(Addendum 2022: is now in my Fairphone 3+).


Telefónica Germany Mobile Network often overloaded

The Telefónica Germany mobile phone network is now so heavily overloaded that it is often no longer possible to establish a usable internet connection. Voice connections are also increasingly miserable – most recently noticed again on 10 February in the evening in the Niederrad office district: the person I was talking to did not want to put up with this for long and asked me to call again, if possible with a different telephone connection!

Good Opportunity – switch to Vodafone

Since May 2011, my employer has concluded a framework agreement with Vodafone D2 GmbH, which I can also use purely for private purposes. This is the opportunity to switch (SIM card management by SBS Com AG, Switzerland):

Vodafone Business Classic & MobileConnect Flat

13.02.2012: Order the tariff Vodafone Business Classic with UltraCard.
SIM 1: Smartphone
SIM 2: Notebook. MobileConnect Flat (14.4 MBit/s to 5 GB unthrottled).

14.02.2012–21.02.2012: Vodafone has activated the new contract. SIM cards will be delivered within 3–5 days.

15.02.2012: SIM cards have arrived! Main SIM inserted in the smartphone in the morning, UltraCard inserted in my Notebook tonight. Almost everywhere on my way through Frankfurt and Offenbach, the H+ is in the display = remarkably good coverage with HSPA+! I've never been this fast on the internet before!

Allegedly Tariff Change from Vodafone Business Classic to Professional M

22.02.2012–13.02.2014: The conditions of the framework contract have been improved – this is what the info page displayed on the SBSCOM portal suggests for weeks:
"All customers will be switched to Vodafone Professional. You don't need to do anything, everything will be switched automatically”. Too late I realise that the switch to Professional M was not made as promised …

29.02.2012: First paper bill received from Vodafone. This billing period was still in Business Classic. Despite 160 text messages sent and a few phone calls, the amount remained very small. I am looking forward to the next bills …

Vodafone's Bills are hardly transparent

27.10.2012: This time, too, the bill remained small: around EUR 30, which is nothing to complain about!
But every bill is terribly confusing – it takes easily an hour to check all the details conscientiously!
Because at the top are the amounts customers would have to pay without a discount and at the bottom are all the associated discount deductions in a completely different order. This is not as neat as I know it from Telefónica Germany and Telefónica subsidiary Fonic. Their bills are exemplarily clear!


Vodafone's Mobile Phone Bill faulty again

04.01.2013: I received a bill from Vodafone with incorrect SMS prices to foreign networks!
Instead of 8 cents per SMS, a scary 19 cents was charged, which makes a difference of EUR 18.97 for 170 SMS in December.
The Internet flat rate is also still being charged incorrectly. Here it is EUR 0.89 per month too much. This is how much more the Internet access cost in the old tariff, so the changeover was probably not carried out completely? I complained about both to the customer service in Ratingen …

Vodafone: UMTS Failure in Frankfurt's Niederrad Office District

08.01.2013: Hours of downtime of the UMTS Network in the office district Niederrad! Angry Smiley
09.01.2013: From 10:00 to 14:14 no UMTS reception in Niederrad!
11.01.2013: From 10:00 to 14:40 no UMTS reception in Niederrad!
Maintenance work for days or heavy overload? I don't know.

Vodafone won't let me book Speed Buckets

15.01.2013: Vodafone had throttled my connection, but won't let me book an additional data package (“Speed Bucket”) to be able to surf unthrottled again! Supposedly, I still have more than 10% of my data volume left and should therefore wait a little longer. Angry Smiley
I can't surf that lamely month after month, so I'm looking for alternatives …

MobileInternet XXL only possible without Discount

Then I see that Vodafone offers the MobileInternet XXL data option with 30 GB unthrottled volume – for 89.95 EUR/month, but perhaps discounted in the framework contract? – I ask at SBS Com …
SBS Com's customer service replied immediately: unfortunately, I could only get the MobileInternet XXL data option without a discount. I decline.

Ordering another UltraCard (mini/micro SIM)

Research in Motion (RIM) will present their new smartphones to the press on 30.01.2013 and I will probably buy the Z10. This and many other current smartphones only have a slot for the small micro-SIM to save space.

So I order a second UltraCard (Combi card – can be used as a micro-SIM or mini-SIM).
Until the market launch of the first touchscreen model Blackberry Z10 at the end of February, I am using the new UltraCard as mini SIM for my Samsung Galaxy Note.

Vodafone Business Team replies: “Invoice is correct”

16.01.2013: The Vodafone Business Team in Ratingen answers by e-mail: “The invoice is correct.” I'm stunned. Can't they read!?
They take the Business Classic as a basis instead of the Professional M …

Pleasant Surprise: the UltraCard has already arrived!

At least there is good news when I look in the letterbox in the evening: The UltraCard I ordered only yesterday from the SBS Com Business team has already arrived!

Incorrect Invoice reported to SBS Com for Clarification

Because Vodafone does not want to help me with the bill I complained about, I contact the SBS Com Business team late at night via a web form and ask for a check.

17.01.2013: An SBS Com business team member writes me an e-mail in the morning, asking me to apologise for the inconvenience and to send her the incorrect Vodafone invoice as a PDF file.
As I prefer paper invoices and therefore cannot serve with a PDF file, I send her the invoice by fax. Now waiting for clarification …
Today, too, the UMTS network is severely disrupted around midday. GSM/GPRS works.

UMTS unstable in Frankfurt's Office City, intermittent Outage

18.01.2013: A base station serving Lyoner Straße in the Niederrad office district briefly fails and the one at Niederrad station takes over. Today, too, the smartphone often switches to the GSM network because UMTS fails several times!
I can see this very well using the Android app Llama – Location Profiles.

Instead of throttling: Vodafone deactivates UMTS for two Days!

20.01.2013: No more internet connection via UMTS possible!
21.01.2013: Also today no internet connection via UMTS possible!

SBS Com was itself the Cause of incorrect Invoices

22.01.2013: SBS Com writes to me that I still have the old tariff and that they would be happy to change it for me without renewing the contract. What cheek! All customers who called up the SBS Com customer login page at the time were told for weeks that the tariff would be changed automatically and that they did not have to do anything! “If there were any individual miscalculations, these would be corrected automatically with the next bill. – I had counted on that!
The Vodafone bills (with discounting) are so complicated to read that it takes up to an hour to check them carefully. Nevertheless, I had no chance to detect the non-conversion because two different names are used for the tariff and the crucial name is not mentioned on the bill!
Angrily I apply for the contract to be changed … Angry Smiley

By the way: UMTS is working again as of today! A glance at the calendar makes it clear: a new billing period has begun!

UMTS unstable in Frankfurt's Office City, intermittent Outage

04.02.2013: The UMTS network was down for three hours in the Niederrad district! It's like this almost every day now – no UMTS for at least an hour every day!

New Error: All Data Accesses (!) are redirected to Vodafone

17.02.2013: Transfer volume used up, shortly afterwards nothing works properly with my smartphone that has to do with internet access!
It takes me hours to realise what's going on: in the Mozilla Firefox browser, I can see in the status bar that all internet service calls are being redirected to the Vodafone homepage!No matter what I try, chat, e-mail, everything is redirected to “”. Internet, chat with GTalk, e-mail, timetable information etc. are impossible like this! This is how Vodafone thanks me for rebooking several 5 GB buckets!?

UMTS unstable in Frankfurt's Office City Niederrad, intermittent Outage

19.02.2013: 12:10–15:10 no UMTS reception in Niederrad!
20.02.2013: UMTS failure in the office city, this time 17:24–18:15. angry

Patience with Vodafone has ended – Change to Deutsche Telekom!

21.02.2013: Offline for 5 days! Feel harassed (see 17.02.)!
I will not be treated like this! I'm just deciding whether to take out the telecoms contract online or on site at the Flagship Store im EKZ MyZeil
I have informed myself about the current Telekom tariffs and will take the Complete Mobil XL.

After work, I drive straight to the Hauptwache and visit the Telekom flagship store..
There I am served in a friendly and competent manner without any waiting time. Fifteen minutes later, I leave the flagship store with the Complete Mobil XL mobile phone contract with LTE Speedoption, main-SIM and one Multi-SIM card.
Now I can relax and go eat next door at Leonhard's (Kaufhof). Teeth smile
About an hour later I change the SIM card in the HTC Desire HD.
Later in the evening, the Vodafone UltraSIM card also flies out of the Samsung Galaxy Note, this now receives the Telekom Multi-SIM card because it can perform downloads at 21.6 Mbit/s and can serve as a WiFi-Hotspot. As soon as the BlackBerry Z10 pre-ordered from Amazon arrives, the main SIM will move there to serve me with LTE reception as well. The Vodafone SIM then mves into the HTC Desire HD and serves as an SMS receiving point for anyone who accidentally sends me messages to the Vodafone connection for the remainder of the term.
22.02.2013: Since yesterday evening I have had better reception thanks to Telekom. UMTS reception is now also perfect in the Niederrad office district.
LTE reception is not yet available everywhere in Frankfurt, but thanks to the well-developed HSPA+, this is not a problem at all!

Tariff Change from Vodafone Business Classic to Professional M

22.02.2013: As of today, Vodafone is charging me the tariff I should have had all along: Professional M.
Much too late for the “Mobile Network of the Future” (Vodafone's slogan)!
I can well understand the 3.8 million customers who ran away from Vodafone within a year (see numerous press releases from 19.07.2013)!

UMTS Dead Spot Frankfurt Bockenheimer Warte Underground Station

23.02.2013: Today I am testing difficult terrain for all four network operators:
The Frankfurt underground station Bockenheimer Warte is not covered by UMTS underground. Even with the new Telekom SIM, I don't get any reception.
Conclusion: Here you have “bad (SIM) cards” with all network operators.
At least Telekom offers fast EDGE here. Vodafone can't quite keep up, but it's not bad here with GPRS either.
17.03.2013: Tested again today. With the BlackBerry Z10 I got weak LTE reception on the B level (access to U4, U6 and U7).
But I could not make a phone call, that would only have been possible by switching back to 2G, i.e. GSM. For security reasons, I do not use 2G.
For comparison, I had the very strong Samsung Galaxy Note (with a Multi-SIM card by Deutsche Telekom) with me – it could also log into the GSM network only.

Conclusion after 49 Days of Mobile Phone Use in the Telekom Network

10.04.2013: I am very satisfied with the Telekom Complete Mobil XL tariff and mobile network!
I have better reception everywhere than with Vodafone and if the 4 GB volume of my tariff is exhausted, I can add 2 GB for only 4.95 EUR (Vodafone: 1 GB for 9.99 EUR or 5 GB for 19.95 EUR) and I am not harassed if I continue to surf at throttled speed or if I top up 2 GB several times, use it up and then do not top it up again.

Conclusion after 6 Months of Mobile Phone Use in the Telekom Network

16.08.2013: I am still very satisfied with the Telekom tariff Complete Mobil XL and mobile network! Would like to free my HTC Desire HD from the Vodafone UltraCard soon, order another Multi-SIM card in the evening at the Telekom Customer Centre..
The Vodafone contract still has a minimum term of six months, but the notice of termination will go out to Vodafone in October … tongue smile

Ordered MicroSIM already one Week on the Way with DPD

22.08.2013: I call the Deutsche Telekom hotline in the evening and ask where the Multi-SIM card I ordered is. Answer from the nice telephone agent E. P.: The multi-SIM card is on its way, was sent by DPD and is currently in the delivery warehouse in Raunheim.

Competent Hotline – a good Tip saves me much Money

The competent telephone agent kindly points out that I can already extend the contract now and also change it to one with a mobile phone.
I tell him that I need about 15 GB transfer volume per month and that the additional transfer volume of €4.95 in the Complete Mobil XL only costs a quarter of what I would have to pay in all the new tariffs …

After enquiring about my usage habits, I am recommended the CombiCard data tariff CombiCard Mobile Data XL with 30 GB data volume (EUR 49.95), which is twenty euros cheaper than the Mobile Data eco XL (EUR 69.95).
I thank them for the very good advice and say that I'll think it all over again and don't conclude a contract prematurely on the phone.

Telekom CombiCard Tariff not at Main Tariff with Multi-SIM Card?

Unfortunately, I had understood the addition “... not in conjunction with multi-SIM card” to mean that you cannot get a CombiCard tariff with a tariff with a multi-SIM card. That's why I hadn't considered these cheaper tariffs until now. Immediately I look at the CombiCard offers on the Telekom website …

Mobile Data Tariff costs about the same as a DSL Tariff

I notice the CombiCard Mobile Data XL Home, which is even 35 EUR cheaper than the location-independent Mobile Data eco XL without “Home”! Cool
The unthrottled data volume is lower than with DSL, but that's enough for me. I only need that much data volume at home. 5 GB is enough for my smartphone. teeth smile

Tariff Change from Complete Mobil XL to Complete Comfort XXL

Because the CombiCard data tariff offers 30 GB transfer volume, I can switch my smartphone tariff to the new version and save 20 EUR/month:
Complete Mobil XL + LTE option = 99.90 EUR.
Complete Comfort XXL                = 79.96 EUR.
Switching to Complete Comfort XXL takes only minutes in the Customer Centre.
I will not need the SpeedOn packages, which are four times more expensive in this tariff.

Online with Telekom CombiCard Mobile Data XL Home

23.08.2013: After work, drive to the Telekom Flagship Store, take out an additional contract for the new Complete Comfort XXL in the CombiCard Mobile Data XL Home tariff and buy the Speedstick LTE III for 99.95 EUR. This spacious telecom shop is very busy, there are long waiting times despite sufficient staff:
Entered shop at 6:50pm and gave my name and wishes to the receptionist, left well served at 7:30pm.
28.08.2013: Receive Telekom CombiCard contract documents by post.

Ordered Micro-SIM lies with DPD for another few Weeks

30.08.2013: The second multi-SIM card ordered a fortnight ago has still not arrived! cry smile

04.09.2013: Even after almost three weeks, there is no sign of an attempted delivery by the German parcel service (DPD). So late in the evening I call the Telekom ServiceCenter and complain about the missing multi-SIM card.
In the meantime, the parcel with the missing multi-SIM card cannot even be traced, i.e. it has gone missing with DPD.
Because Deutsche Telekom only uses DPD for shipping, I do not attempt a new delivery – I would also prefer not to have it delivered to an alternative address.
The friendly telephone agent asks if I have a Telekom shop near me and offers to cancel the multi-SIM card and book a refund. I could pick up the multi-SIM card at the Telekom shop. I gladly accept the offer and while we are still talking, she cancels the multi-SIM card and arranges the refund booking. Shortly after the phone call, I receive an SMS confirming the multi-SIM card cancellation. Thumbs up!

Multi-SIM Card picked up in Frankfurt's Telekom Flagship Store

05.09.2013: Right after work, I drive to the Telekom Flagship Store.
Because there is not as much of a rush today as the last time I visited, I can leave the shop with the second multi-SIM card after just ten minutes.
At home, I swap the Vodafone UltraCard in the HTC Desire HD for this second Telekom multi-SIM card. Now all three smartphones have a SIM card from Telekom. teeth smile
06.09.2013: At noon I receive an SMS from the Telekom:
“Your new Telekom mobile phone credit no. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX from 08/2013 has arrived! It amounts to -30,00 EUR”
So everything works as agreed with the hotline. smiley

Conclusion after 8 Months of Mobile Phone Use in the Telekom Network

21.10.2013: I am still absolutely satisfied with Telekom. Highly recommended!

Vodafone is ticked off

22.10.2013: Notice of termination to Vodafone by registered letter/return receipt.
24.10.2013: A Vodafone employee collected my registered letter.
26.10.2013: I can see this from the return receipt that was in my letterbox today.
30.10.2013: Confirmation of termination from Vodafone has arrived. teeth smile


Vodafone is finally History

13.02.2014: The SIM cards already had their place in the drawer, but today the contractual relationship with this network operator really ends. teeth smile

No special incidents, Telekom mobile network works reliably, bills are announced by SMS, are correct and on time. Daumen hoch!


Conclusion after 26 Months of Mobile Phone Use in the Telekom Network

I am still very satisfied with the Telekom mobile network!
19.04.2015: After a close comparison of my Complete Comfort XXL tariff with the new Magenta Mobil L Plus, it turns out that the new tariff includes LTE with 300 MBit/s download speed in addition to the 100 inclusive minutes and 100 SMS abroad. The Complete Comfort XXL only allows downloads up to 150 MBit/s.
Conclusion: the new tariff is better value for money!
Complete Comfort XXL: 79.96 EUR
Magenta Mobil L Plus:    79.95 EUR

It really doesn't depend on the penny, but if you are allowed to share a whopping 300 MBit with others in the city centre instead of 150, there is more left over in net terms.

Tariff Change from Telekom Complete Comfort XXL to Magenta Mobil L Plus

19.04.2015–04.09.2016: This is done fully automatically in the Telekom Customer Centre within minutes.
Now I am waiting for the contract documents to arrive by post. I'm sure Deutsche Telekom will ask me whether I want the fixed-network number or assign me one straight away.


Already full three Years in Deutsche Telekom's Premium Network

20.02.2016: Now I have exactly three years of consistently very good mobile experience with Deutsche Telekom. smiley

Deutsche Telekom introduces first real Flat Rate without Throttling

02.09.2016: At the IFA Berlin trade fair, Deutsche Telekom is presenting its optimised tariff line in a press conference, including a flat rate without throttling for the first time in Germany: MagentaMobil XL Premium is the name of the tariff with unlimited maximum-speed data volume. I am thinking about upgrading my MagentaMobil L Plus tariff, which would already be possible in the form of a contract extension.

Tariff Change from Telekom MagentaMobil L Plus to Magenta XL Premium

04.09.2016: After studying many reports and comments, I register online late in the evening at the Telekom Customer Centre and order the Apple iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB memory in the colour diamond black as a VVL for around EUR 437 including the commitment price and shipping costs. Unfortunately, the commitment fee (EUR 29.95) is only waived for new customers, not for existing customers. Actually unfair, because loyalty and upgrades should be rewarded!

Tariff Change completed in just seven Minutes

The whole process, including order confirmation by email and SMS, takes a whole seven minutes! And that's only because I navigated particularly carefully through the menus and took screenshots. Otherwise it would have taken three minutes at most. Hats off to this technology!

05.11.2016: I have had the MagentaMobil XL Premium tariff for a month; I still have to wait until week 50 for the iPhone 7 Plus and am using the iPhone 6s Plus until then. The delivery date has already been pushed back twice because Apple is not keeping up with deliveries. The demand for the iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB memory in the colour diamond black seems to be immense.


Telefónica Germany announces eSIM for 21 November

30.10.2018: Apple releases iOS version 12.1, finally unlocking the Dual SIM feature at iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR.
31.10.: Waited to update the software to be on the safe side, but there was no bad news, so updated today.
21.11.2018: After searching the internet at and, among others, I unsuccessfully tried to get a for an eSIM from Telefónica Germany.
24.11.2018: I was in the wrong submenu (eSIM: The built-in SIM card). Correct menu path: Tarf & SIM card/Manage SIM card/Order SIM card.
Order a replacement SIM online for the main SIM of my Telefónica o2 o40 tariff. Click on “Replacement SIM card” and select the SIM card to be replaced. Then I can select that I want an eSIM. I could have done this via the excellent app “My o2”.
Important: you need an internet connection during the ordering process, i.e. either WLAN or a nano-SIM with smartphone/data tariff from a second provider.


Tariff Change from Telefónica o2 o40 to o2 Blue All-in Special

03.01.2019–11.10.2020: Telefónica o2 Blue All-in Special.

For Dual SIM use in the iPhone Xs, better both SIMs with Data Flat Rate

Theoretically, I could use a SIM card only for data, but then I would be somewhat inflexible. In addition, sending iMessage on the SIM card without a booked data package does not work reliably. Apple's server shows this connection in green letters, indicating a lack of iMessage support. Messages are then transmitted as text messages, which could even lead to financial surprises for the sender without an SMS flat rate if they have already corresponded regularly via the iMessage service. Even if SMS are sent to Apple servers by switching, unnecessary costs can arise if these are not included in the flat rate as SMS to Ireland and are charged.

Cancellation of the Tariff only to get a better Offer

New customers benefit from discounts in the competitive battle between providers, but loyal regular customers are left empty-handed when their contracts are tacitly renewed.
This is by no means specific to Telefónica, but has unfortunately been common practice in the entire telecommunications market for years.
To be fair, it must be mentioned that Telefónica grants large discounts on the official (good list price) depending on the customer's usage behaviour and sometimes even grants the customer a permanent loyalty discount of its own accord. So customer care is already being practised.

Otherwise, the frugal customer only has “the game” every 24 months:

Active Contract Extension

  1. cancel the contract (via Telefónica's “My o2” app, use the function “Note cancellation")
  2. call the termination hotline and confirm the termination request (serves to win back the customer with an plain vanilla offer)
  3. do not accept the hotline's offer to stay immediately, but seek advice from your trusted dealer!
  4. all existing discounts are lost when the contract is actively extended! But they are usually limited to the minimum contract period anyway
  5. if Telefónica already grants a permanent loyalty discount, this will no longer apply if the contract is actively renewed!
  6. if an offer from your trusted dealer is better than the current tariff, use it to extend the contract
  7. Break in play; 21 months later (mostly best offers at this time) it starts all over again

In December 2018, I had used Telefónica's “My o2” app to use the “Note cancellation” function to get a number for the cancellation hotline. I wanted to use this hotline to confirm the cancellation of my old o2 o40 tariff by phone in order to get a better offer. Unfortunately, the announced waiting times of this hotline were completely unreasonable at 45 minutes, so I postponed the plan until later. Then came the Christmas holidays anyway.

03.01.2019: New attempt in the afternoon – spending almost half an hour on hold with Telefónica's cancellation confirmation hotline was worth it! smiley
When asked about the reason for termination, I answer honestly that I would actually like to remain a customer, but for the time being I would like to have a cheap all-network tariff with an internet flat rate, as unfortunately I have already renewed a contract with the other provider and will not be able to get out of it until later.
The nice hotliner offers the o2 Blue All-in Special (9.99 EUR/month) 24 months with a 5.00 EUR discount on the basic fee, which I secretly wished for. smiley

  • the contract change to this officially no longer marketed old tariff even allows me to continue using my two Multicards free of charge
  • the inclusive data volume is 1 GB with LTE Max (up to 225 MBit/s)
  • Flat rate to the German fixed network and all German mobile networks
  • SMS flat rate to all German mobile networks
  • a mobile landline number is also included

I now use this tariff in the iPhone Xs on the eSIM as the main number, i.e. for iMessage as well.

20.01.2019: Short experience report: the mobile network of Telefónica Germany in Frankfurt has become much better in the meantime. The data transfer rate is quite decent and in some places better than with Telekom. In buildings, reception is generally better than in the Telekom network. The app “My o2” is also very good. This offers a live check, a network map and a speed check in the submenu “Network & Speed”. You can collect the results in the app and even email them.
I like the transparent handling of faults and maintenance work on base stations and that you can also report faults directly.


Tariff Change from Telefónica o2 Blue All-in Special to o2 Blue All-in Extra

07.10.2020: Actually, the plan was to extend the contract and change the tariff to Telefónica o2 Free L Boost. But: Existing customers get a 50% combination discount on partner cards! But my o2 Blue All-in Special is not eligible for this combined benefit offer. So I cancel this tariff to get the Telefónica o2 Blue All-in Extra as tariff offer.
After that, I order the o2 Free L Boost Online tariff as “partner card” with 50% combination discount.

Contract extension + tariff change from o2 Blue All-in Special (9.99 EUR/month -5.00 EUR discount) to o2 Blue All-in Extra (14.99 EUR/month -8.00 EUR discount): 6.99 EUR/month.
o2 Free L Boost Online tariff as partner card (44.99 EUR/month -22.50 EUR combination discount): 22.49 EUR/month.
Despite extra costs for the tariff that offers me the combi benefit, I save 15.51 EUR per month (29.48 EUR/month instead of 44.99 EUR) and also have an extra phone number/SIM card for my reserve mobile phone!

Telefónica o2 Free L Boost replaces Telekom MagentaMobil XL Premium

12.10.2020: Because I want to use the Telefónica o2 Free L Boost tariff on the main connection, I order the number porting to this connection.

21.10.2020: The porting of the mobile number worked in an exemplary manner! Since 12.10. I have received several SMS notifications with the status. Unfortunately, my beautiful virtual landline number was not ported. That is a great pity, because it is very similar to the mobile phone number!

23.10.2020: I received the order to port the virtual landline number, filled it out and sent it to Telefónica.
But it was pointless, because Telefónica has not been porting virtual landline numbers for about a year now (supplement March 2021: in the meantime Telefónica has also stopped porting mobile numbers internally)!

Tariff Change from Telekom MagentaMobil XL Premium to MagentaMobil S

16.11.2020–15.11.2022: Tariff Change + contract extension from Deutsche Telekom MagentaMobil XL Premium to MagentaMobil S. No change fee and no basic fee for two months!


It is the first Time I need more than 120 GB of Data Volume

01.03.2021: Telefónica Germany now offers a Day Pack unlimited for 4.99 EUR. Deutsche Telekom offers similar option since 02.09.2016 as DayFlat unlimited. But: Telefónica's offer is valid from booking until 24:00 next day!
If the available data volume runs low, I book a Day Pack unlimited for EUR 4.99 and the regular data volume has a break.

Tariff Change from Telefónica o2 Free L Boost to o2 Free S Boost

22.10.2021: After having to book Day Packs several times because data volume was not sufficient, I decide to use the option “o2 my Data unlimited”. But not with this tariff, because this option is also available in the o2 Free S Boost for 24.99 EUR. I can't reach my dealer by phone, so I book it myself online in the customer portal as contract extension with tariff change. Unfortunately, I don't know at this point that this means that the combi benefit no longer applies and that it will not be rebooked (I only read this later in the o2 forum).

Telefónica o2 Free S Boost & Partner Card o2 Free S Boost Online

05.12.2021: Order o2 Free S Boost as a “partner card” with 50% discount.
According to the product offer description, new customers receive a one-off 30 GB data volume in the next billing period. Existing customers get 500 MB – if you don't already get 500 MB extra by using the app “My o2”!
– No indication of what extra data volume I will receive.
05.12.2021: Order confirmation received for o2 Free S Boost Online.
06.12.2021: Telefónica Germany emails: Start package has been sent.
08.12.2021: Start package (letter with 2 Multicards) arrived. Activation of the SIM cards makes the nice new phone number visible. Smiley
Multicard #1 for iPhone 11 Pro, Multicard #2 for iPhone Xs.
Receive email with summary of my new contract conditions:
The combined benefit has been granted. Smiley
The eSIM chip in the Fairphone 4 5G is to serve as my main SIM.
I order an eSIM profile as Multicard #3 via the “My o2” app.
According to the order dialogue text, this costs a horrendous 39.99 EUR connection fee! But the text is wrong. Smiley
The contract conditions email lists all 3 multicards as “Free”!
24.12.2021: The invoice confirms: the order dialogue text is wrong. Smiley
By the way: Telefónica had tacitly granted me 30 GB data volume on both tariffs … Thank you, Telefónica! Smiley

Telekom MagentaMobil S

08.12.2021: I read on the Internet that Telekom is giving its customers 100 GB of data as a Christmas present. I book that right away on their website Thank you, Deutsche Telekom! Smiley


Telefónica o2 Free S Boost (Combi Benefit Tariff)

13.01.2022: Book a Day Pack unlimited (valid until end of 14.01.2022).

Telefónica o2 Free S Boost Online ( Partner Card with 50% Discount)

06.01.2022: Book a Day Pack unlimited (valid until end of 07.01.2022).
11.01.2022: Book a Day Pack unlimited (valid until end of 12.01.2022).
17.01.2022: Book tariff option “o2 my Data unlimited”. Smiley
17.05.2022: Cancellation of the tariff option “o2 my Data unlimited”.

Tariff Change from o2 Blue All-in Extra to o2 Free Unlimited Max

17.05.2022: Since my loss of combi benefit (see above), my o2 Blue All-in is superfluous and would become disproportionately expensive after the minimum contract term expires. So I would like to cancel only this tariff.
However, a termination at Telefónica affects all tariffs of your contract. Even if you want to keep one or more of your tariffs, all discounts are lost and you get a new tariff offer (with new, not necessarily better discounts).
I want to avoid this stress and time expenditure and keep the unfortunately really non-portable nice virtual landline number.
Alternative: Tariff Change with contract extension to o2 Free Unlimited Max (tariff generation 2021) with 24 × 20.00 EUR discount/month.

18.05.2022–17.05.2024: o2 Free Unlimited Max for 39,99 EUR/month.
Changing the tariff works great. I can continue to use the fixed network number and thanks to the discount, the tariff costs the same as the tariff option “o2 my Data unlimited” which I had used until yesterday – but without the costs of the old tariff itself!
Disadvantage: only one Multicard orderable – for 10.00 EUR/month! Trauriger Smiley
After 24 months minimum term of contract I will then be granted a permanent combination discount of 12.50 EUR. Without any “games”.
A lot can happen in two years
Telefónica has already surprised some customers with a loyalty offer to grant the discounts permanently as long as they do not cancel

20.05.2022: In the evening, I order a Multicard as an eSIM for my iPhone 11 Pro Max. This will serve as a Hotspot for my MacBook Air. This saves the accumulator in the Fairphone 4, because it always ran out quickly when streaming and the Fairphone 4 was quite warm.
21.05.2022: Receive an SMS from Telefónica in the morning: the eSIM I ordered has been activated. Thank you, but I've known that since last night. Smiley

Telekom MagentaMobil S still necessary as expensive Backup?

Everything is OK except for the high monthly basic price.
The added value is limited. 5G (DSS) is slower than LTE and the LTE reception here in the flat is worse than with Telefónica anyway.
So I will cancel the contract to reduce my fixed costs.
21.05.2022: Nano-SIM moved from Fairphone 4 into Fairphone 3+.

Telekom MagentaMobil S now offers 10 GB Data Volume

01.07.2022: Deutsche Telekom has updated its tariffs; existing customers also get the tariff improvements automatically. For my MagentaMobil S (now with 10GB instead of 6GB), I pay a whopping 39.95 EUR/month.

Telekom MagentaMobil S cancelled

11.10.2022: I cancelled the contract online via the homepage because the "Cancel" button in the customer centre is still greyed out.
SIM card is in the drawer, call forwarding is activated.
16.11.2022: The connection is switched off today.

Telefónica o2 Free Unlimited Max extended early

14.11.2022: In the evening I check Telefónica's contract renewal offers on my iPhone with the app “My o2”. Surprisingly, I am offered the o2 Free Unlimited Max with a 35.00 EUR discount – I can't refuse that! Smiley
15.11.2022: Telefónica confirms contract extension by email with contract documents. Now I save EUR 15.00 more per month than before!
Thank you, Telefónica!
After 24 months minimum term of contract I will then be granted a permanent combination discount of 12.50 EUR. Without any “games”.


Tariff Change from o2 Free S Boost Online to o2 Free Unlimited Max Online

19.01.2023: Check tariff offers from Telefónica in the evening on my iPhone with “My o2” app. o2 Free Unlimited Max is offered with 30.00 EUR combination discount – almost as cheap as the offer last November! Smiley
To ensure that no Multicards are charged after tariff changing, I first deactivate them via customer portal – except one. Then I order the contract extension for the o2 Free S Boost Online with tariff change to o2 Free Unlimited Max (2021) with a 30.00 EUR discount (“combi advantage”).

I also deactivate the second Multicard of the o2 Free Unlimited Max (2021) tariff, which I have been using as an eSIM profile in my iPhone 11 Pro since November, via the customer portal.

20.01.2023: Tariff change overnight worked great.

21.01.2023: I order an eSIM profile for my second device iPhone 11 Pro with the tariff o2 Free S Boost so that I can also use my main phone number with it. The activation of the eSIM takes about 3:40 hours.

13.03.2023: I will use the o2 Free Unlimited Max Online tariff previously used in the iPhone 14 Pro Max with eSIM in my new buyed Pixel 7 Pro from tomorrow. I order a replacement eSIM for it using the “My o2” app.

14.03.2023: Activate the replacement eSIM ordered yesterday for my new Pixel 7 Pro with tariff profile “o2 Free Unlimited Max Online (2021)”.

16.03.2023: Would like to use the o2 Free S Boost tariff (main number) previously used with iPhone 14 Pro Max with eSIM with my new Pixel 7 Pro now. Ordering a replacement SIM card via “My o2” app. Changing from eSIM to physical SIM is relatively expensive: 29.99 EUR! Trauriger Smiley

21.03.2023: I find out too late from the Internet that Google's current Pixel 7 & 7 Pro models have been upgraded with the „Dual eSIM” feature through a software update (1st “feature drop”) and there is no longer any need for a physical SIM card. I am cancelling my SIM card exchange with Telefónica.

24.03.2023: Telefónica's bill has arrived – the replacement SIM card is charged at 29.99 EUR (new billing period had already started). Hopefully it will be credited on the next bill due to my cancellation. In addition, the Multicard 2 for the o2 Free Unlimited Max (2021) tariff, which was deactivated on 19.01.2023, is already being charged in full again.

27.03.2023: My friendly request in the o2 Community was quickly processed. I received a credit note of EUR 10.00 “as a gesture of goodwill” for the Multicard 2 that I had been overcharged for almost two months. Actually, it's an impertinence, but that's just a computer system. I don't take it personally.

06.04.2023: Because Dual eSIM doesn't work yet, I now use the very expensive physical SIM for my main phone number after all.

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