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Motto: Quality, not Quantity

Sorting by app name is no rating! Purchase date and own rating with 1–5 stars for each app. Where “date of purchase” means “date of installation” for free apps. I also mention in-app purchases and donations as well as separately/subsequently payments.

Under “System Requirements” I mention the operating system version for which the app is suitable.

Checking the app quality/seriousness of a developer naturally includes a review of his/her website and privacy policy.
In doing so, I also see if the offered app is only available for iOS or also for other operating systems and take this into account.

Further reviews are already in progress. Icon: laughing Smiley

Test reports of all apps already tested are accessible via the hamburger menu at the top right.
Apps that are available for iOS and Android OS or even platform-independent are also listed here on this page, sorted by category.

App Sources

Smartphones owe their success to their expandability through apps. They are distributed online via sales platforms called App Stores. In addition to these, there are developer platforms like GitHub and GitLab, where open source programmers make their software available. And many independent developers offer their apps for download on their own websites.

Security Advice

Be careful when downloading “apps from unsafe sources”!
This is how sources other than Apple and Google are called.
Be suspicious! Check exactly who you are obtaining apps from. Pay attention to the spelling of web addresses! Websites from reputable providers are often copied and registered with similar domain names. This means you could get malware on your device. Avoid apps with few reviews and read the negative reviews.

Apple iOS

Apple App Store

Android OS

Obtainium (obtain open source apps directly from the developers).
24.02.2024: As of today, Obtainium makes it easier for me to obtain open source software. I had been obtaining software directly from developers (via GitHub or the developers' websites) for a long time. Now all I have to do is search/select sources for apps in Obtainium once. From now on, Obtainium regularly checks for updates and notifies me about new versions.
I'll be writing a test report very soon.
• Until then, I recommend reading the Obtainium Wiki
• and the articles of my Reference down below.

Google Play (Front end & Repository for apps distributed by Google)
Aurora Store (Front end for all apps distributed by Google)
F-Droid (Front end & Repository for Open Source Software)
Neo Store (Front end for all apps distributed by F-Droid)
Please also note my source reference down below

Data Security: DNS, Firewall, OTP, Password Safe, Ad Blocker

All Systems (online)

Bitwarden (Password Safe + OTP)
NextDNS (DNS Resolver + Firewall)

Apple iOS

1Blocker (Ad Blocker + Firewall)
OTP Auth
Strongbox (Password Safe + OTP)

Android OS

Aegis Authenticator (OTP)
KeePassDX (Password Safe, OTP)
RethinkDNS (DNS Resolver + Firewall)

E-Book & Media Player

Apple iOS

Amazon Kindle
Apple Books
Apple Music
Apple Podcasts
Cs Music

Android OS

Amazon Kindle
Metro – A music player for Android
VLC video and music player

Apple iOS

Apple Photos

Android OS

Google Photos

Budget Book

Apple iOS

My Budget Book Pro Edition

Android OS

My Budget Book


Apple iOS

Session   (Messenger)
SimpleX  (Messenger)
Threema (Messenger)

Android OS

Session   (Messenger)
SimpleX  (Messenger)
Threema (Messenger)

PIM (Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Notes)

Apple iOS

CalenGoo (can also be used local w/o Google!)
Tuta (E-Mail, Contacts, Calendar with E2EE)

Android OS

Simple Calendar Pro
Tuta (E-Mail, Contacts, Calendar with E2EE)

System Functions, System Monitor

Apple iOS

Battery Charge Alarm
Do not disturb (System function, part of “Focus”)

Android OS

BatteryBot Pro
Do not disturb – Scheduled (System function)

Weather Forecast

Apple iOS


Android OS



Explaining Android

Obtainium can install and update Android Apps (…) (YouTube)


F-Droid Security Issues

Side of Burritos

You should uninstall F-Droid – Part 1 (engl.)

You should uninstall F-Droid - Part 2 (engl.)

Obtainium overview | My favorite way to track Open Source apps

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